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Often, people ask me why I prefer electronic cigarettes over conventional ones. Because there is no single point which would be adequate to answer this question accurately, I tend to give them a few arguments why I think the electronic alternative is a better choice. In this blog entry, I will try to summarize some of, at least in my humble opinion, the most important points that need to be in such a discussion.

The first point in this respect is the health aspect. As we all know, the ingredients of tobacco used in regular cigarettes are everything else apart from being healthy. In fact, they contain over 50 ingredients which are sure to increase the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer in all body parts that come in touch with its smoke. Compared to the electronic cigarette, these ingredients are no problem, as they are not present in the e-liquid, how people call the filling of the device. There is even the possibility to buy liquid which does not contain any nicotine at all, thus leaving out even the last poisonous ingredient which could, in theory, be included in it. So it is apparent that choosing an electronic cigarette over a regular one is much better for your health.

But, of course, the health aspect is not the only advantage there is to point out in the discussion between choosing a regular or an electronic cigarette. Another aspect I would like to bring into play is the individuality the electronic alternative offers in comparison to the classic one. What do I mean by that expression in this respect? The central message behind that is the fact that you are completely free to choose when it comes to the flavor of your cigarette. Electronic cigarettes and their e-liquids offer you a huge variety of different flavors of your choice, as there is no fixed one connected to an individual model. You do not have that kind of freedom when you smoke regular cigarettes because their particular brands always taste the same. When you buy cigarettes of a particular producer, you have the choice between only a few different brands and labels, which, for example, can be colored, like a blue or a red label. When working with electronic cigarettes, you are not bound to that labels. The reason for that is that e-liquids are compatible with every model. So not only there is not the need to look for different brands that go with your e-cig model, but you can also choose an e-liquid suited best to your taste. As there is no limitation on what kinds of flavors people can use for their liquids, there are endless opportunities when it comes to the taste after all. For example, you have not only the choice between different sorts of fruits but also between herbs. There are even more exotic options like different cocktails or specific alcoholic beverages like whiskey. Of course, e-liquids with that flavor do not contain alcohol. So I do not think that there is the need for me to go into further detail about the individuality and the degree of freedom an electronic cigarette has to offer.

All in all, I would say that these two aspects are the most important ones that need mentioning in a discussion between advantages and disadvantages of regular versus electronic cigarettes. Of course, the validity of every argument is dependent on the point of view of your conversation partner and everyone is free to choose however he or she likes to, but nevertheless, these facts should help you make up your mind about that discussion, I hope.

Why electronic cigarettes instead of regular ones?

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