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Our world is changing. Technical development changes the way we live every passing day and also has had a significant impact on our daily lifestyle in the last decades. There is almost no branch of our daily routine which technology has not influenced in a way. One particular area I would like to discuss in this entry is the world of smoking. It is a controversial topic nowadays because of its possibly harmful effects on its users and the people in their near environment. So people have often been condemned it as a dangerous activity. Nevertheless, there always have been people who enjoyed doing it until today. That, however, does not necessarily has to mean that smokers should tolerate that sacrifice to their health in exchange for a few moments of relaxation. Scientists and engineers have searched for a way that tries to bring balance to that uneven question. The result of that research is the electronic cigarette. It allows smoking pleasure and relaxation without the risk of getting ill from it. The reason for that is the liquid that is inside the electronic cigarette because it does not contain all those toxic ingredients which make regular cigarettes in general that dangerous. That is easy enough to understand as it is, but what about the functionality of such a device? A cigarette works when you light it up with fire so that its content can burn and you inhale the smoke produced in this process. It might be difficult to imagine that you need to burn an electronic device so that it produces smoke for you to inhale. Of course, that is not the way how it works. Instead, an electronic cigarette includes a battery, which runs heating elements within its tank. The content of the reservoir, in that case, the e-liquid, heats up and turns into fog instead of smoke, as there is no burning process involved. That is also the reason why the product of the e-cig is not dangerous for the health of its consumers. However, one question remains. How is the process of powering up the heating elements introduced? That is a question we can answer very quickly. You only need to press a button on the device so that the battery starts working, setting in motion the process described before. Then all you need to do is inhale the product located within the instrument, and you are ready to go.

As you can see from the description of its functionality, an electronic cigarette is a real alternative to the conventional ones and includes a lot of potential because of that. Apart from advantages like the lack of health risks, it also helps to save our environment, as it does not produce waste by leaving a cigarette end after you have finished smoking. As little as this argument might seem to be in this respect, you should consider how many cigarette buds are left behind by every smoker each day and how much we could avoid it if we chose e-cigs. In fact, a lot of the garbage we as humans produce in general, the one from smoking conventional cigarettes is a grand contribution to it. So this is another argument apart from the ones affecting the consumers directly that should be worth considering when talking about choosing between traditional tobacco filter cigarettes and electronic ones. Not only does the electronic alternative prevent us from producing much more waste and damaging nature, but it also does not harm the people standing around us while we smoke. Another practical advantage of that fact is that we as smokers will not have to go outside to enjoy a good smoke because we mean no harm to them. That reason alone can be pure gold, if you ask me.

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